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Made To Measure

Customize your Personal look from head to toe.

  • 1時
  • 訪問型サービス


Do you have something custom and specific you want made? Have your custom look mastered and perfected. We will meet with you to go over everything from, materials, color, style, size, and wear. We will also get an 18-point measurement chart for your portfolio, to make sure everything fits you perfectly. We will oversee the entire process from creation to delivery. Made To Measure with Meraki Allure. **Cancellation Policy With this service, you agree to call or email at least 4hrs. prior to your appointment. Deposits are due upon booking your Made To Measure sessions. **Deposits are non-refundable


To cancel or reschedule, please contact 24 hours prior to consultation time.


+ 18588807886

San Diego, CA, USA

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